DAF Screens A/S
Screens can be flat, as well as curved in size up to 2x6 metre. 
See a Laminated Screen 4,5x3 mtr. on YouTube: HERE
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DAF Screens A/S manufactures Projection-screens for optimal images by different applications.
Rear Projection Screen in GLASS or PLEXIGLAS.
Specially for ULTRA SHORT PROJECTION-distance and/or SOFTEDGE-blending.
Dark and useful in ambient light.
With high resolution  this screen produce uniform images and wide wieving-cone.

Rear Projection Acetat-film (PET-film) with adhesive for glass-mounting.
This advanced screen is made as a self-adhesive film. We can supply it in pieces of any size. We can supply it in rolls. We can supply it mounted on glass or plastic sheets. We can cut it to any shape.
To see more, kindly click on HERE. There are instruction-videos of, how-to-mount and small trailer to show the VisionFoils ability.
Front- and rear-projection in RIGID ACRYLIC with micro-lenses embedded.
Point-of-Purchase(POP) is useful in high ambient light.
Very cost-effective and suitable for low-cost-projectors with normal lense.
The Front-projection-screen create a more uniform image than any other front-projection-screen in the market with a true 180° viewing-angle.
Firstly developed for Ultra-Short-Projectors with steep projections-angle (fisheye-lens) this screen optimize the image from ANY projection-angle. Manufactured in acrylic with AntiRelective surface, this screen can be curved
FRAMES For Projection-Screens exist in two types: Free-hanging (manily for rear-projection) and wall-installation (mainly for front-projection).